ANZCA Fellowship Recommended Texts

While there isn’t an official list of recommended texts for the ANZCA Fellowship Exam (as there is with the ANZCA Primary Exam), certain texts are far more useful than others. Opinions will differ about which are the best so talk to a few people and get their opinions on what they found useful before jumping in and buying any.

The most useful resources are probably not textbooks. Journal articles are a great resource, provided you read them critically and interpret them in the full context of the literature (systematic reviews and evidence-based consensus statements make this much easier). One of the best journals is BJA Education, which has hundreds of articles covering core (and peripheral) topics relevant to both the primary and fellowship exams.

Key guidelines are very useful, particularly for situations where you might need to pick a specific threshold value (e.g. when to treat raised ICP or hypoglycaemia). These include:

You should also have a reference for management of crises / emergencies. Some people use the Oxford Handbook, however, there are other good options – such as the Anaesthetic Crisis Manual (which you can receive for free as an AT/PF member of the ASA) or the free Anaesthetic Crisis Handbook.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used books for the fellowship exam.

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