The New Black Bank

Please help your colleagues out and contribute to improving equitable access to resources by sending us any MCQ recollections to anaesthesiaaccess [at] gmail [dot] com

As long as MCQs are repeated, candidates will attempt to recall questions and pass them on to future candidates. By banning the Old Black Bank, ANZCA only drove the process underground. Numerous separate recollections were created and distributed among trainees. This significantly disadvantaged trainees with limited connections – including rural trainees and IMGs. If MCQs continue to be repeated, it is only fair for the recollections to be freely available to all candidates.

If you have any MCQ recollection papers that are not listed here, then please send them to us so we can continue making the exam process as fair and equitable as possible.

We are aware of some individuals or groups charging for access to this type of content, which has historically always been open access. Training and sitting exams is already expensive. We strongly disagree with charging simply for access to past or practice questions (though more sophisticated content is a different matter). Please be kind and just help each other out.

As of the 2020.1 final exam report, it appears that MCQ questions are being released. Hopefully this will help level the playing field and make the black bank less necessary for study.

Note: we did not create any of these documents and take no responsibility for the answers, spelling or formatting!

Fellowship Exam

Primary Exam

Please send any recollections to us!

2 thoughts on “The New Black Bank

  1. Hello. I love what you have done with this site! Any chance you have any MCQ recalled documents for the primary exam? I’d love to see them 🙂 Thank you.


    1. Not yet – we’re just waiting for people to submit some! The bank is only as strong as the community 🙂

      Check back every now & then, hopefully we’ll get some soon.


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