ANZCA Initial Assessment of Anaesthetic Competence Questions (IAACQ)

While the syllabus for the IAACQ is standardised for all ANZCA trainees, the practicalities of testing vary greatly between centres. Formats vary from a relaxed 20 minute discussion of key topics to extensive interrogations lasting over an hour. Talk to other trainees at your hospital so that you know what to expect and read through the syllabus to make sure that you can give sensible answers to everything they’re likely to ask.

The scope is quite broad and has a clinical focus, primarily assessing your ability to safely perform your core clinical duties without direct supervision. If in doubt, take a simple systematic approach and be conservative – it’s better to call for help when you don’t need to than to practice beyond your abilities and put lives at risk. As a junior practitioner you shouldn’t be faulted for being too cautious.

Article from the ANZCA Bulletin (Winter 2020):


College resources:

Other IAACQ notes:

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