ASA Trainee Handbook

“This is intended as a practical resource with useful information for every stage of training. In particular, it should help to demystify some organisational matters for new trainees, help with preparation for examinations, inform those looking to engage in extracurricular activities, and empower trainees transitioning to fellowship and specialist practice (including advice for interviews and preparing your CV).”

To access the latest version visit the ASA TMG page and scroll down to the Trainee Members Handbook link.


  • The New Black Bank
  • A Primer for the Primary FANZCA Examination
  • ANZCA SAQ examinations use booklets similar to this. It’s highly recommended to practice some written answers under examination conditions using this booklet to get a good feel for what the big day will be like. Keep in mind that the inner margins are guillotined off so don’t write/draw in them!



Podcasts & Lectures




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